Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hip-hop Vs. Rap Music

For our mix tape project, we would like to explore the differences and some similarities between the music of “conscious” hip-hop artists vs. “non-conscious” hip-hop artists from the 90s to present day. Which, in turn, divides Hip-hop and Rap music. We will define our idea of each term. In doing this, we will examine the effect their music has on the social, cultural, and political views of society and vice versa. We will do this by analyzing the lyrical content of the music and the historical background of the artists. Common, Lauryn Hill, Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Mama, Will.I.Am, and Soulja Boy are some examples of artists we will use to support our analysis. Although rhythmically very similar, they are separated by their lyrical content and their targeted audience. In other words, the difference between musical talent and profitability. We will relate this to the concept covered in class of the idea that rock music is an art, whereas pop music is more superficial and plastic.

(Tamir M. & Priscilla Q.)

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wh said...

great project. As you explore this topic, you may find that this dichotomy between the 'conscious' and the non-conscious may break down... Detailed analysis of music (lyrics) and media representations/biography will guide your argument. Looking forward to it!