Thursday, October 15, 2009

The evolution of ska: genre crossover and race in ska music

Looking at the history of ska music, I will outline ska's origins in Jamaica and follow it to Two Tone ska in the UK, as well as Third Wave or Ska Punk in the US. This evolution of ska will indicate several levels of crossover in genres, as well as a history that is strongly tied to race and the movement to resolve many race issues. The songs featured in my mixtape project will be an array of ska music that will show a chronological evolution of the music and the changes it experienced over time since the 1920's (it's origins in Jamaica; the incorporation of reggae, rock, punk, etc; interracial bands; common racial issues as subjects for songs; ska inspired rock/reggae/punk bands, etc.) Some important ska artists that I may include:
Prince Buster
Duke Reid
The Wailers
Desmond Dekker
The (English) Beat
The Specials
The Toasters
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Pietasters
Reel Big Fish
Streetlight Manifesto
Save Ferris
Mustard Plug
Rx Bandits
No Doubt

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wh said...

This is a great list of musicians. Make sure that your paper isn't just a chronology but an analysis of the racial politics within ska music over time. if you find this to be too unwieldy, you can always just focus on an era or a few specific groups. Looking forward!