Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Dynamics in Bands By: Asia Johnson & Jordan Adams

Topic: Family Dynamics in Bands

We want to compare the differences found between the Jonas Brothers and The Jackson 5. We will do this by exploring topics such as; race, lyrical content, genre, decades, audience, and emphasis on different members of each group. As, for the family dynamic aspect we want to look at the way the groups were founded. For members of The Jackson 5 they were forced to play music to make money. They grew up poor and their father was abusive and they ended up breaking up. The Jonas Brothers play their music for fun because they grew up in a middle class neighborhood.

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wh said...

It would be interesting to compare and contrast different families across ethnic/racial lines. Also you can consider the gender dynamics within these family groups in performance. How is music going to be factored into your study?