Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's A Girl Thing

Our project will delve into the emergence of girl bands in the 1990's and how their presence established female empowerment in a male dominated field. The popularity of female groups such as TLC, The Spice Girls, Destinys Child and Roit Grrrl gave females from the early teens to the late 20s a sense of independence and hope for equality among the sexes. These groups were lyrically independent from their predecessors as they freely spoke of issues of domestic violence and intolerance of mistreatment. Our investigations will demonstate how music has evolved to include a larger female presence and how the empowerment movement has socially influenced the nation.

Kimberly McGrath and Sierra Kelly

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wh said...

great topic! One thing you can consider is the gender politics, especially related to third wave feminism, of the 1990s as a social context for your analysis.