Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cross-genre collaborations of the 21st century

We want to look at cross-genre collaborations of the 21st century with a focus on popular music/top 40. In this category, we will analyze musicians from different genres who collaborate together for social, economical, political, cultural gains. The economic analysis will be achieved by observing the audience and the fan base of the artists, their fame, market production, and supply and demand. We'll also observe the historical, social, and cultural context of their songs -- and the influence it has on the 21st century -- by looking at music and lyrics, music videos, performance venues, etc. Some artists include David Guetta/Akon, Jay Z/Linkin Park, Jay Sean/Lil' Wayne, etc.

--Tiffany Hope & Sheetal Patel

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wh said...

Wow. This is a really wide scope. Make sure you don't get too carried by the contextual information (economics, etc). Do focus on the musical content as your 'text' for analysis.